Monday, February 8, 2010

Pictures from the Iron Artist contest!

These were the ridiculous trophies that Evie and Ana made.

Everyone hard at work...

Jason's inspiration was Futuristic Hero...

Nick's was Luminous Food...

Matt's was Boring Animal...

I think this one was Confusing Hero.

And these were the trophies.

The Iron Artist Contest was a huge success! Here is how it worked:

• Each participant spun the "idea wheel" and received an adjective and a noun (ex. Fancy Animal, Magical Food)

• The participants began constructing their assignment with all the awesome materials that were donated

• Halfway through everyone was given the "secret ingredient" (blue and yellow feathers) which was a manditory element in their final piece

• Everyone presented their pieces (video coming soon)

• Trophies were given out for "Best Use of Secret Ingredient", "Most Creative Interpretation", "Most Laughs", and "The Prettiest Art of All the Art"

We would like to thank everyone again for trekking through the snow to come to the event! We would also like to thank everyone that donated materials. Those materials will continue to support our community classes.

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